CrewTax — The easy way to log your overseas duty hours.

Fed up writing out tax schedules by hand?

Can't face the hours of preparation for your tax return?

Get CrewTax — The complete solution to non-resident duty logging.

Let CrewTax grab your achieved roster from the internet.

A few clicks is all it takes.

Latest News

The most recent release of CrewTax is:

Version 1.18

There are different releases for Flight Crew and Cabin Crew.

Crew of airlines other than British Airways need to contact CrewTax Admin for more information.

Current Price Plan:

Just £50 per tax year!

Compare that with an accountant costing £450 or more.

There are discounts for those without access to electonic roster information.

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The program produces your tax schedule without further input!

All the calculations are done for you — including the vital overseas percentage.

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