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I keep saving my licence file as C:\Program Files\CrewTax\User\Pass.pwf but the program still runs in Demo Mode?

If you're using Window Vista or later, this may be caused by User Account Control (a Windows security feature) preventing you from saving items in your Program Files folder.  The solution is to save the file manually into Windows' Virtual Store which is located at:

C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\CrewTax\User

Please note, the item <USER> should be replaced by your Windows login name.  Also, the (x86) will only be present on 64-bit machines.  Basically, if it's there, use it.  If it's not, don't!

AppData is a hidden folder. If you can't see it when navigating to the Virtual Store folder, you can either type \AppData manually in the address bar after your login name or follow these instructions to show hidden files and folders.

Once you have found the User folder at the path described above, just save your Pass.pwf file in there, allowing it to replace the existing file with the same name and restart CrewTax. To make it easier to check the .pwf bit you should follow these instructions to show file extensions for known file types.

The licence must be saved as Pass.pwf in the User folder described above or it will not be recognised by the program!

Finally, make sure you have clicked the folder icon at top left in the program to choose the tax year you wish to work with!


All the months show as January in the drop-down box at the top!

Your system date format settings aren't set to English (United Kingdom).

Go to Control Panel | Clock, Language and Region | Regional and Language and choose:

English (United Kingdom)

Restart CrewTax and the correct months will be shown.


I tried all that, I need to contact you for support.

Please visit Google Screensharing Support in Google Chrome browser on your CrewTax PC and follow the instructions for sharing your screen, then WhatsApp me by clicking the logo below before you generate a screen sharing code:

Click Here


What does CrewTax do?

CrewTax produces Tax Schedules and calculates overseas duty percentage for non-resident aircrew working for UK based airlines. It takes 'achieved' rosters or manually entered duty data and automatically delivers the required information in a clear, concise format.


How much does it cost?

£50 per tax year. A discounted rate of £30 per tax year is available for part time crew or those who don’t have access to electronic ‘achieved’ rosters (i.e. non-BA crew and cabin crew).


Who can use CrewTax?

To use all the automated features of CrewTax you must be a BA Flight Crew member with access to electronically produced 'achieved' rosters i.e. Crewlink Online. CrewTax will function without these rosters, but duty information must be entered manually. Schedule creation and overseas percentage calculation are still automatic, however, making it an indispensable tool for ALL non-resident Flight and Cabin Crew.


What are the minimum system requirements?

CrewTax is only compatible with Windows and should work with all reasonably recent hardware. You must have a internet access and a printer to maintain printed copies of your Tax Schedules.


Are the Schedules accepted by the Revenue?

HMRC advise that, under self-assessment, they do not issue statements of acceptability in these matters. They emphasize that the onus is on the individual to satisfy themselves that their duty logging is correct and complete. CrewTax will not absolve you of this responsibility. For your peace of mind, CrewTax Tax Schedules mirror the traditional, hand-written documents in use today.


How do I get a licence/further information?

You can download a 'Demo' version by clicking 'Download' in the NavBar at the top of this page. To unlock the full capabilities of the program you need to order a licence. If you have further questions, or just want some more information, please email [email protected]


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